1. Academic Genealogy:
Renato M. Capocelli (Thesis Advisor)
Eduardo M. Caianiello
Robert Marshak
Hans Bethe
Arnold Sommerfeld
Ferdinand von Lindemann
Felix Klein
Julius Plucker
Christian Ludwig Gerling
Carl Friedrich Gauss
Johann Friedrich Pfaff
Abraham Gotthelf Kastner
Christian August Hausen
J. C. Wichmannshausen
Otto Mencke
Jakob Thomasius
Friedrich Leibniz (1597-1652)

2. Erdos Number: 2
P. Erdos -- D. Stinson -- U.V
P. Erdos -- C. Colbourn -- U.V
P. Erdos -- P. Hell -- U.V

3. h-index: 39 (according to Google Scholar)

4. I am coauthor of the paper "Perfectly-secure key distribution for dynamic conferences", ranked 65 in the world-wide top-cited papers from 1982 to 2021, in the area of Crypto (see here)